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Door closers make opening and closing doors light and secure. There are two main classes: hand door nearer and automatic door closers. Manual door closers are uncovered by thrust, and soft close afterwards. Automatic door closers utilize employ e-energy to open and close the door, making them ideal for disabled persons and for smooth entrance and exit.

Jeka Locksmith proposes trading entry hardware settings, displacements and recoveries via Toronto. We grant door closer setting and control, repair, replacement and maintenance. All entry closers are installed in full compliance with ANSI/BHMA demands and ADA norms.


We operate with the highest quality entry closer producers, including: Dorma, Norton, LCN, Corbin Russwin, Sargent, Rixson, Yale, Falcon, Hagar, S. Parker, Dor-O-Matic and CRL Jackson, and offer all types of door closer: side established door closer, up covered door closer and floor established door closer.

Door Closer Installation & Adjustments

Jeka Locksmith specializes in the setting and control of entry closers for all kinds of entries and racks, including inside or outside entries, hard duty entries, flames entries, sliding entries, metal entries, aluminum entries, wood entries, gates and more.

Our door nearer specialists could offer the correct door closers to catch your demands, and set them professionally for optimum overcomes. We act in complete harmony with Toronto house and fire codes and ADA norms, and only set door closers that are UL counted. Get in touch with us now to talk to our experts of setting and mounting a door closer.

Door Closer Repair and Replacement Parts

If your present door closer is in demand of renovation, Jeka Locksmith could assist. Door closers can break or malfunction, lose strength, get hard to cover or close, or might require an additional great push to complete latch. Therefore, if your entry closer not acting right, not powerful fairly, free arm or leaking oil, we could fix it or interchange the fractured sections, leaving you with an entry closer that is as a nice as new.


Door Closer Types

We act with the highest quality entry closer producers and propose all variants of entry closer:

  • Surface Mounted Door Closers

These entry closers are established to the top of the entry, and are the most general and a bit costly to set. They are extremely dynamic and very efficient for door monitoring, making them a well-known selection for bureau houses and flats. They could arrive with slipping-track arm, stated arm, collateral arm or upper support.

  • Overhead Concealed Door Closers

Covered entry closers function very much as area-established entry closers, but are conserved more or less out of view, making them more esthetically pleasant.

  • Floor Mounted Door Closers

Most frequently utilized when treating with grave doors or when you have a lot of motion in your house, floor-established door closers are more costly to set, but are the most lasting version accessible.


Door closers could be widely classified into Manual and Automatic. While manual entry closers utilize a squeeze and extrication machinery of twisting springtime, the velocity of which do hydraulic or spring buffers regularize. The auto entry closer on the other hand is activated or guided by push buttons, movement rectifiers and varied other appliances to find attendance and open and close respectively. Door nearer could be:

The Importance of Door Closers

The most general supplement of entry closers is on flames safeness doors. Door closers efficiently preclude distribution of flame and fume to other sides of the house thus aiding keep lives and estate. Door closers help invalid humans by granting resist to uncovering powers. Apart from increasing the visional treatment of the house, door closers also help in bettering soundness and, prosperity and safeness of the house inhabitants while also supporting fine-drawn room temperature and decreasing breaks of barbarism.

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