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7500 Norton Door Closer - Jeka locksmith in Toronto

7500 Norton Door Closer

General Information

The series
7500(BF) door closer has all of the features of the series 7700 door closer,
with the following exceptions:
Multi-size closer with a choice of power adjustment ranges: 7500 adjustable for
power sizes 2 through 6. These power sizes qualified in American National
Standards Institute (A.N.S.I.) standard A156.4. 7500BF adjustable for power
sizes 1 through 4. These power sizes enable conformance with the requirements
for maximum door opening force as outlined in The Americans with Disabilities
Act (A.D.A.) and ANSI standard A117.1, «Accessible and Usable Buildings and Facilities».
TRI-STYLE: Standard Closer can be installed regular arm, parallel arm or top
CORROSION RESISTANT SERIES: All components are of aluminum, zinc diecast (valves), stainless steel or bronze material. Only
available for regular arm, parallel arm or top jamb applications with standard
non hold open arm.
OPTIONAL ARMS: Parallel Rigid, CloserPLus, Unitrol.

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