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Fireproof safes propose vindicated defense against the hazards of fire and extreme warmth. They could protect your valuables, and guarantee the safety of your assets and papers, with fire-ratings that reflect the heat exposure they could treat in accordance with their fire safety rating.


Jeka Locksmith proposes fireproof home safes and fire-rated bureau strongboxes. We could aid you select the best fireproof strongbox for your home or business. Our choice comprises fire-rated strongboxes with congruent locking, conventional blade locks, conjunction code locks, and programmable e-locking.

If you require a strongbox that could propose security against flames and steal, you are in the correct place. See our fireproof strongboxes, and get in touch with us if you demand any assistance.

  • Gardall – MS912-G-CK – 1-Hour Microwave Fire Safe

Issue with keen frame styling for improved safety and safeness.

  • Gardall — MS912-G-E — 1-Hour Microwave Fire Safe

Thing characteristics with double security key and conjunction.

  • Gardall — 1-Hour Microwave Fire Safes

Issue with programmable e- lock with bypass

  • Fire resistant record safes

Gardall Economical Record Safes

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