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Electromagnetic locks grant a good combination of safeness and commodity, and are appropriate for single or double doors, indoor and outdoor entries, heavy-duty doors, glass doors, metal doors and gates. Jeka Locksmith set only high-quality magnetic locks from brands that you could believe.

Magnetic Locks Setting: Jeka Locksmith could aid you to select the proper attractive door locks to occur your requires and the house demands. Our vocational locksmiths could set safe and elegant magnetic locks for your bureau, business or for other manufactured/trading entity.

Magnetic Locks Renovation&Substitution: We propose magnetic lock renovations and changes either if your maglock is fractured, or is not refraining or producing. In case your maglock is not acting correctly, we could set off a specialist to make a diagnosis the issue and fix or substitute the defective sides.

We act with guiding producers to support the highest norm of quality, including SDC, Schlage, Locknetics, Securitron, ENFORCER & Seco-Larm, CRL (C.R. Laurence), Sargent etc.

How Do Magnetic Locks Act?

Magnetic locks use a keen e-magnetic actual that holds the door solidly locked with hundreds of pounds of power. The most magnetic locks accessible with a retention strength of 300lb, 600lb, 1200lb and 1800lb.

To uncover the entry, barely utilize a card or keyboard to promote the monitor button. When you are cover sufficiently with your ticket/keyfob, or by printing a code, the actual will be lessened, and the door will uncover with just a glow push. Magnetic locks have no connecting sides, importing they are light to set and sustain, while still being incredibly strong.

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