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Jeka Locksmith is a specialist master key locksmith company operating in Toronto. We provide full services for master key lock systems, including styling, setting, exchange, reproduction, and repair. We could also rekey your existing locks to build a master key system, without replacing hardware.

Benefits of Master Key System

  • Enhance safeness and simplicity of utilization
  • Fewer keys with versatility in styling
  • Monitoring who has admission to what entries
  • Each separate only wants to bear one key, even when covering plural entries
  • Master key uncovers all entries

Master key systems are perfect for customers with bureaus, administration houses, infirmaries, flat complexes, warehouses, academies, banks, manufactured objects, and trading meets. Any whereabouts that claims plural levels of admission, could derive from our expert key locksmith services.

What is Master Key System?

An expert key system creates it feasible to monitor admission within your estate, and decrease the amount of keys each particular must bear to simply one. An expert key system could be destined with plural degrees, to provide changing degrees of admission to workers.

Every system has strong locks that could be keyed to operate with personal keys and with the expert key. Systems could likewise be destined with a grand expert key that provides admission to all spaces of your house. This provides another degree of admission, and is helpful in many developments, for instance, if two companies are laboring from one house; the holder of both companies could have an expert key for their proper bureaus, while safeness warders and house holders could occupy a great expert key for all apartments.

Jeka Locksmith for Master Key Lock Systems

At Jeka Locksmith, we have practice with principal producers, such as Mul-T-Lock, Schlage, Best, Kwikset, Medeco, Master Lock and other master key systems in the mart.

Jeka Locksmith is a master key locksmith in Toronto. We have behind a decennary of practice engineering master key systems for a diapason of customers. Our examination lets us to build a system that is unimprovable and out-and-outer to you and your characteristic, on the basis of your wants. Our foremen will then set your master key system with inferior limit destruction to your ownership.

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