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Wall safes could be set within the walls of your estate, making them amidst the most restrained kind of safe accessible. Relying on their position, wall safes could keep latent and hard for burglars to detect, making them perfect for keeping small to medium sums of cash and essentials.

Jeka Locksmith suggests a band of wall safes, each proposing its individual characteristics and utilizes. Wall safes demand sensitive and vocational setting. Our skilled specialists will build an accurate opening, and well accommodated your safe so that it resides thick in your wall.

With wall safes amenable in size and characteristics, Jeka Locksmith is the merely firm you require to assist defend your essentials. Get in touch with us now to detect more of wall safes for homes and offices, or to obtain a free assessment on the setting of a new safe.


  • Amsec Wall Safe WS1214

WS1214 have numerous forward peculiarities which makes it secure. Complete safeness against flames and steal

High safeness Amsec wall safe WS1214 grant secure protection and keeping to all your significant documents and money. Made up of severe metal which is very tough to rupture. Severe obligation body with 3/4″ steel entry. Relocking appliance with extra charged source. Extra profound body with two detachable retires. Covered with black burnish which withstand staining and also execute of weather and time. Treat activated locking arrangement.

  • Wall Safe — Office

Usage Conjunctions, 0.25In Locking Pins, Detachable Entries For Transportation

General Information

Sportsman Steel Safes currently suggests a full range of floor safes and bureau safes at the deepest prices in the U.S. Allow us produce a habit safe for your determined necessities. Call one of our members for full components and a free citation.


  • Fire Gaskets
  • Habit Combinations
  • 3/4″ Locking Pins
  • Controllable Racecourses
  • Detachable Entries for Transportation
  • Uni-body Construction 

Wall Safe — SL6000

Two Covered Wall Safes Designed To Be Dredged Into A Wall. Could Be Covered By A Figure Or Mirror. Accessible With Key Guided Lock As An Version.

General Information

SL4000/6000 Concealed Wall Safe – Destined to be dredged into a wall. Could Be Covered By A Figure Or Mirror.

Models SL4000/F & SL6000/F


  • Corresponds among 16″ on core wall pins.
  • Heavier building than most wall strongboxes on the market (1/4″ entry, 3/16″ body).
  • Group II combs Lock (Key-Op Lock – “No load version”)
  • Depths 4″ and 6″
  • Big for arm weapons
  • 2 mounting openings on each part.

Model SL4000/F expositions

Outside measuring Inside measuring within Cubic Inches Approx. mass

12-1/2″ H x 14-3/8″ W x 4″ D 12″ H x 14″ W x 2-3/4″ D 462 41 lbs.

Model SL6000/F expositions

Outside measuring Inside measuring within Cubic Inches Approx. mass

12-1/2″ H x 14-3/8″ W x 6″ D 12″ H x 14″ W x 4-3/8″ D 735 47 lbs.

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